Reasons to Choose Goland for Software Development

First presented to the public in 2009, Golang or Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google team experts: Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. Looking at these names, it’s not surprising that Golang has become successful. Golang's popularity has skyrocketed in the past years arou...

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How To Choose a Remote Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine

With the new technologies and programming languages getting more sophisticated, your business team has to be flexible enough to track and reflect these changes. In order to be competitive in today’s business environment, you need to have a wide range of knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals. Therefore,...

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Why To Choose Amazon Cloud for Your Website

Are you looking for great ways to get more people to visit your website? Have a growing business and want to increase your sales even more? Integrating your website with Amazon can help fulfil these intentions and bring your business to the next level. Amazon can also become a good solution not only for those who int...

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Why Agile and Scrum Are Good For Software Development

Almost all IT-companies today seem to use Agile methodology for software development, or at least they think they do. Agile is an approach that promotes iteration, meaning that a software is built incrementally. In the Agile environment, both development and testing take place in parallel, unlike it was before with W...

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TOP Reasons Why Choose IT Outsourcing for Business

With the demand and costs getting higher in today’s software development market, it makes sense to seek alternative ways for launching new IT products faster, better and cheaper. Software outsourcing becomes one of the most effective practices that help many world-class companies to succeed without losi...

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Why PHP Is Still a Good Choice for Your Business Development

Whether you want to create a website or online store from scratch or just update an existing website and find a proper technical solution for it, you must have studied a ton of information on how to do it. But without tech competencies and at least basic knowledge of programming, making a right decision can be tough....

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Civenty Celebrates Excellent Customer Service

If you’ve ever thought to outsource your software development project, you know there are countless options out there. With over 200,000 IT specialists in Ukraine alone, we don’t blame you if you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices you have. With over 200,000 IT specialists in Ukraine alone, we don&...

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Digital Globalization and How It Affects Businesses

   Today’s world is connected more than ever. The way of how people and things are linked together has changed greatly for the last two decades. First stages of globalization process were associated with material goods because goods were easer to sell across the boarders compared to services. Thanks t...

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Civenty & information resources of Dnipro. What is the relation?

  Civenty is an IT Company, which actively takes a part in the social life of the native city Dnipro. Recently our city council decided to update one of the portals, which is called “Open map of the Dnieper”.  This portal was developed far ago using the old framework. Every year it becomes...

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