Are you sure your portal works at full capacity? Get to know how to maximise benefits of your education web portal

The world is changing rapidly, and transformations are inevitable and sometimes uncontrollable. Education, too, has undergone a transformation. The way specialists educate and, more significantly, the way people learn has changed as a result of technological advancements. This is an example of a controlled shift to a...

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Does your healthcare portal meet your needs? Tips to help you maximize profit from your web portal.

Recent time has shown how much the values changed in 2020. It was the right moment to slow down and concentrate on what really matters. Healthcare took the necessity to innovate, grow and deliver its service in the requirements of the new reality.

Recently, we have lived in the...

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How Can Your Web Portal Benefit You?

Internet community is growing fast and furious, intertwining our lives and necessities. Any daily routine is marked by technological, digital, and e-commerce effects. We are quite dependent from gadgets, and web portals have long ago become a window to the world. Major social necessities of a citizen like healthcare,...

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Benefits of Legacy Software Modernization

Updating a legacy system is a daunting task, but it can provide great value to your business if your present system no longer meets your needs. Continuing to utilize old technologies can result in extra costs and make it more difficult for your company to remain competitive. Switching to a modern solution will be a w...

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What is a Software Development Life Cycle and Why Is It Important?

Finding a reliable IT outsourcing company to help you fulfill your business needs is only part of the journey.  If you want to get a quality product on time, you should pay attention to the development process. When you dig deeper, you'll discover that software product development is a highly organized proce...

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IT Outsourcing Risks and Ways How To Minimize Them

When there is no regular need for IT services, hiring a full-time specialist, be it a programmer or a tester, has no sense. In such cases, outsourcing is a good option. IT outsourcing is a partial or full handover of certain work (support, maintenance, software development, etc.) into the hands of outsourcing compani...

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Why Choosing Python for Your Next Web Development Project?

Among the most popular programming languages in the world, Python has gained its icon status in a very short span of time. According to the 2021 TIOBE Ranking based on the number of skilled engineers worldwide, courses and third-party vendors, Python ranks the 3rd plac...

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Custom Software Solutions For Business

Not only you have adapted to the new reality, but so has your business. If not yet, it’s high time to opt for advanced software solutions. The practical advantage of business automation is unquestionable: it helps eliminate paperwork, make better projections,  maintain sales, support infrastructure, and ac...

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Why Moving to the Cloud? Cloud Technologies in Web Development

Businesses are seizing on cloud technologies seeing them as the key to successful digitalization. The coronavirus pandemic has only strengthened this trend. Accor...

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