Civenty & information resources of Dnipro. What is the relation?

  Civenty is an IT Company, which actively takes a part in the social life of the native city Dnipro. Recently our city council decided to update one of the portals, which is called “Open map of the Dnieper”.  This portal was developed far ago using the old framework. Every year it becomes harder and harder to maintain this portal and implement new features and updates. Also, at the moment, this service is very inconvenient to use.

     The idea is to create a portal for local authorities of the city of Dnipro to increase their transparency of the activities. This portal will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the status and reports on the activities of the relevant departments of the city council. Also, on this portal, there will be such a useful service like the ability to assess the situation on the city's roads and choose the best transport route. Additionally will be implemented possibility to build a tourist route to the historical places of the Dnieper. It will be interesting for both visitors to the city and local residents. The possibility of introducing a service for informing city residents about planned repairs and outages of water supply or electricity is also being considered. Informing about emergency situations - sewerage, water breakthroughs, gas leaks, etc., with an operational mark of the location on an interactive map. Of course, it is planned to create a form of appeal from residents, with the ability to select a category: complaint, proposal, application. And this is not a complete list of changes that will be made. 

    Now the city council needs to do the analytics and the concept of the updated website.  Currently, they are looking for the right IT Company that can help with these important tasks. For a quick and high-quality solution of these cases, our city council turned to the Dnipro IT community with the appropriate request. This request was sent to all IT companies that are part of the Dnipro IT community. Further, the choice was among those companies that have the appropriate expertise. The most qualified in the field of the assigned tasks were IT Company Civenty. A team of skilled and inspired developers agreed to help the native city on a volunteer basis. On September 29, the Department of Information Technologies of the Dnipro City Council signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Dnipro IT Community and Civeny (members of "Dnipro IT Community") about the implementation of a new project.

   We hope that this cooperation will be lucrative for all sides of this memorandum and will initiate close cooperation between local authorities and IT companies, as part of the Dnipro IT community.

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