You NEED to look into a Dedicated Software Development Team if... are starting a company and your management team has knowledge of remote dedicated teams AND understands their multitude of benefits.


...your company has matured in technical expertise, management skills, clarity of growth and development plans and strategies BUT you realize you are seriously lacking the proper software engineering talent locally.


These are the points at which your management team should make the informed decision to go for a remote dedicated team; a team with the necessary soft and hard skills, selected by you, and who will always carefully keep in mind your company's spirit, culture and values.


Whether we are consumers of solutions or providers of solutions, we have heard and read a wide variety of pros and cons, advice and opinions on the subject. What is it that would cause a software company to realize their need for a dedicated team?


Experience shows there are five such causes.

- The need for agile software development practices

- The need for experience in clear communication skills

- The need for a readiness to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 40%

- The maturity to percieve a remote team as a real and vital part of the Team

- The need to scale faster than is possible in their home location

If you are experiencing any of these needs and have questions you want answered, contact us for the solutions you want.


Where does a company in search of solutions find a dedicated team?

- There are several options in central and eastern Europe, however one country stands out from the rest...Ukraine.

- Ukraine is ranked #1 in IT outsourcing market volume and #1 in the IT talent pool.

- Ukraine is ranked #4 in the global IT market and #4 in the market with the most certified IT professionals.

- Ukraine is in the same time zone as Israel, is one hour ahead of the countries of the European Union, and is two hours ahead of the countries in the United Kingdom.

- For companies in the United States and Canada, imagine how great to get to work in the morning and already have your IT work done by your team members which live eight or nine hours ahead of you in time!

- The Ukrainian IT sector offers great value for the money!


Once again, if you have questions you want answered, or needs you want met, contact us for the solutions you want.

Grow with comfort.

by Andrii Liashenko

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